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Quantic EMC has been providing engineers and printed circuit board designers with signal integrity (SI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) simulation tools since 1985. Considered the inventor of signal integrity simulation software, it has since been our mission to provide professional and accurate design and analysis tools to the Electronics Industry. Our innovative products and solutions allow engineers to get their electronic products to the market faster. High-speed devices can now be built with a high level of confidence that no SI or EMC problems will crop up and require costly and time-consuming redesign and fabrication.

We offer a wide range of products that assist engineers and PCB designers during pre- and post-layout. Emphasis is placed upon ease of use and on accurate results. Our software applications include solutions for two and three-dimensional field solving, signal integrity violations and predicting emitted field patterns for systems of PCB’s including cabling and enclosures. In order to track down the radiating nets Compliance, Quantic’s latest platform release, computes the fields very near to the board. When calculating emissions, Compliance accurately deals with emissions from vias and pins as well as from tracks. Therefore, even if a board were clad in copper – ie. stripline – emissions would still show in our simulation. Once the offending nets are located, the terminations editor can be used to provide simple solutions (such as well-placed resistors) to quench the excessive emissions.

Quantic’s technology is embedded within the Quantic engine so that engineers can concentrate on their electronics design problems and need not be concerned with the mathematical and algorithmic subtleties. The technology underlying Quantic’s signal integrity (SI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tools is based upon the integral equation method using Green’s functions. Using this method, conductors and dielectric interfaces are divided into boundary elements over which the free and polarization charges and currents are computed. Quantic uses a higher-order boundary element method (BEM) that yields great accuracy and reliability.

Quantic is not only distinctive in the quality, depth, and breadth of its technology but also for providing an outstanding level of service and support. Our talented group of designers and engineers continuously work closely with our customers to ensure our products are meeting their application needs.

We target customers who believe it is better to eliminate problems early in the design stage rather than to be faced with signal integrity issues and excessive emissions at the prototype stage or - worse still - just prior to production. Our products are marketed and sold worldwide to companies including, IBM, Sanmina Corporation, Avaya Communication, Nortel Networks, GE Medical, Bose Corporation, British Aerospace, Cisco Systems, and Lucent Technologies.

Quantic also holds international patent rights on the ElectroscanTM, High Definition Impedance Imaging ( HDIITM ), technology.

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