Quantic EMC Inc.

The Compliance® Simulator

EMC, Signal Integrity, and Cross Talk Simulation

    Compliance is a complete suite of tools which includes the simulator, pre-layout analysis tools, library management system, ready to use models, Expanded Model Library, Impedance Calculator, modeling tools, and layout interfaces.

Click here to download Compliance
Click here to download Compliance

Compliance Mark II, Rev. 1, Build 1

Announcing  Release 8

Compliance Expanded Model Library

    The Release 8 of the Expanded Quantic Model Library is a ready-to-use library that does not need translation or searching for model information.

    The Expanded Model Library contains models that are complete and pin specific consisting of a model for each pin number of the component.  Each model is based on  i) data from semiconductor manufacturers,  ii) operating voltages,  iii) specific package types for the component, and  iv) the pin number of the component for the specific package.

       The models include microprocessors, FPGA, DSP, Flash, memory and more components from TI, Freescale, Xilinx, Altera, Samsung, Lattice, NXP, and other semiconductor manufacturers.  The Expanded Model Library is included at no charge with new purchases of Compliance or renewal of maintenance for Compliance.

    The IBIS models in Release 8 of the Expanded Model Library are completely checked out, verified, and work with the Compliance Simulator.  Quantic is always adding new models to the Expanded Model Library and if you need other models, contact Quantic with your list of models by sending an email to George Opsahl at g.opsahl@quantic-emc.com

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High Definition Impedance Imaging

Electroscan is the high definition imaging technology leader.

Electroscan HDIITM solves the inverse problem directly, fully and speedily.

Shape signature and physical property libraries are not needed.

     Our imaging technologies Electroscan HDII offer entirely novel impedance imaging methodologies designed for imaging biomedical organs, geological ore lode imaging for mining, subterranean imaging of pollution plumes, risk-free detection of clandestine tunnels and caverns, and concealed metallic and plastic ordnance including landmines.  HDII technology is based upon scientific principles using impressed signals to determine electrical conductivity, sonic and elasticity distributions.  The resulting measured signals are used to produce high definition images of the internal objects.

For more information about Electroscan, click here.

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